This Isn’t The End 

‘You don’t speak much, and I’m running out of my stories now. You’re like my second diary, whatever I haven’t written in my journal I have told you’

She tried to show her anger for always being the one sharing her stories. 

But the ‘Ahaan’ after few days from him, made her fall all over again. 


It Never Ends

I’d been trying to study but all in vain. I was just re-reading the same paragraph for probably the fifth time.
Aaron was the only one I knew in this all new city and even he was not here now. It had been a week since that night and there had been nothing but radio silence. He was clearly ignoring me. God knows why.
The incidents of last week how Nathan tried to grab me, were still fresh in my mind. Aaron helped me to report him to police, but the officer said they’ll just give him a warning for now.
Nathan must have found out by now that I’d reported him to the police. His words from that night were still ringing in my head ‘Kelly! Don’t try to run, ever. Because I’ll always find you and finish what…. ‘
My phone began buzzing dragging me out of my thoughts. The caller ID displayed an unknown number. 

“Hey, Kells!” Aaron’s voice came from the other end. I hadn’t realized until then how much I was missing him. 

“Oh it’s you Aaron” I replied brushing the thoughts of that night. 

“Umm you okay?” My hand tightened around my book. 

“Yeah-yeah. I-I’m okay. Ab-absolutely okay”

“Did Nathan was-… ” before Aaron could finish whatever he was thinking I interrupted him “No Aaron!”

“OK. My phone’s broken, so couldn’t inform you” Maybe he wasn’t ignoring me then! 

“That’s fine”

“I’ll be back on Monday but if I don’t please cover for me” What?! Four days!! Disappointment sunk into me.
I couldn’t remember falling asleep but the sound of someone banging heavily on my door woke me in morning. As I got up I noticed my notes sprawled all over the bed. Adjusting my eyes to the brightness, I looked for time in my cell; 5:47am.
“Great! Who was missing me so bad this early morning!”
The banging increases and all the grogginess disappeared. Probably Aaron is back early. I jumped from my bed happily and grabbed the handle. But what if it’s not Aaron, an ugly feeling crept into my stomach.
“Who’s there?” I asked my voice shaky.
I recognised Nathan’s distinct laughter from his party. I felt terrified. 

“Nathan what you want?” I asked my eyes shut. “I’m not scare of you Nathan”
“Oh yeah babe? Then open the door and say it to my face” I blinked back a hot surge of tears.
“KELLY!” he barked again and I covered my ears trying to block his voice. 

“Kelly, baby open the door” he said trying to sound nice. 

“Go away” I shouted. I grabbed my phone and dialed Lisa, Aaron’s friend. “Kelly” she answered groggily. 

“Li-Lisa can you come please” I spoke between sobs.

“Hey sweetie what’s the matter? Sure me and Jack will be… ” my phone dropped from my hand when I heard a thud and my door creaked open. 

Nathan came to my room. “Nathan p-please!” I plead in a fail attempt to get away from him, my voice hardly audible.
“Report me to police, babe?” He lit his cigarette. 

“Where’s Aaron? Huh? I wanted to beat the crap out of him” Stink of alcohol lingering on his breath and clothes.
“You’re enough for now, baby” a series of chills shot down my spine.
The next thing I knew. I felt a muscular arm snake around my waist. His breath hitting my face as he whispered “Now watch me play nice!”

The Inevitable Goodbye 

You standing there with knife,

While I wait with my heart.

You’re not here to stay,

What so wrong in this day?

Take me tonight,

Hurt me twice,

Show no mercy,

Just look me in the eyes,

Our history is in my heart

And your lies in my cries.

These streets know our secrets, 

The radio still playing our song, 

The silver moon still smiles at us, 

Makes me wonder what went wrong.

I’ll feel the sweet loneliness, 

I might cry at night, 

But I promise, 

I’ll be alright.
Take my heart, 

Twist the knife, 

Time for the last show, 

The inevitable goodbye.

Baby, I’m ready 

I remember, 

The taste of your lips, 

The sparks when we touched, 

The way you made me feel, 

With my eyes wide shut. 
But now I’m here, 
With your picture in my hand, 

With your voice in my head, 

With tears in my eyes, 

Always searching for my shadow in the sky. 
Still hoping, 

That you’ll walk right in tonight.

You left me Torn

You always had different ways to tell me ‘I Love You’ in front of my parents. 

You always used to found the third way to give me those tingling pecks, when my mumma was not looking. 

How everything changed so much? 

Wen all this came to an end? 

I just want to dream again, 

Like the good old times before the storm. 

But I know it will never be same, 

Because the day you walked away you left me torn. 

Just my Luck! 

I was cautious 

I looked left and then I turned right

And there you were 

The glitter in your eyes calling my name.

You spread your arms

And I ran to my only hope

I fell into your arms 

As I take in your scent

And my fire start to burn. 

I wanted to speak

I tried to speak

But your soft lips moving in sync with mine

Didn’t let me.

It wasn’t fierce 

It wasn’t wild 


You took your free hand down, 

And further



Making me moan. 

This time, 

It was wild, 

It was passionate, 


I woke up from my dream. 

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